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Banknotes receiving / validator

The CASHSAFE Series is a powerful notes revenue and validator system. It’s the perfect complement for the OLLE’s professional safes Series.

CASHSAFE combines the control of deposited notes authenticity, with the recognition of the user that had done the insert.

The management program allows the activity register, the accountancy and the squaring income, with the possibility of generating distinctions depending on the value, the banknotes and the quantity. The latest generation banknotes validator that it is used is perfect for high volume applications and equipped with a proper anti-fishing technology very suitable against fraud and manipulation.

Centralized control by means of a web application accessible through a generic navigator via Ethernet. Allows the access, at real time, to the different configured terminals and displays detailed information about the status of the networked peripherals, accounting status, alerts and incidents. It is possible to interact with each one of the terminals.  The access to the user’s web configuration and permits is also possible. To see all the transactions and verify alarms by getting a historic record is also available at terminals network level.


  • High security validator

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PDF icon CASHSAFE Series (1.76 MB)