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Year 1845.

This year consist origins documented Arca pots, when Paul Corcelles Valles was established as locksmith Vallbona d&;Anoia (Barcelona) and founded a small workshop where locksmith made using traditional key locks first.

In 1901.

Venanci Vilada Ollé, husband of Mary Corcelles Sabate, took the reins of the family business, where part of the tasks locksmith and blacksmith, evolved and perfected locks throats.

In 1929.

The second generation of the family took over Joan Ollé Ollé Corcelles, which first started manufacturing safes and mechanical combinations, thus becoming the pioneer in the physical security market in Spain.

In 1963.

Start expanding national and international brand ARCAS pots hand Venanci Ollé Sabate, with mass production recessed safes, safes furniture, built battleships and development of combination locks variable three albums.

In 1995.

The fourth generation of the family Ollé, formed by brothers Maria Theresa, John, Maria Antonia, Michael and Xavier took the lead of the company with the difficult task of consolidating the brand. During this period released new and innovative series of safes using laser technology and have developed safes independent of grade III and IV according to the UNE-EN 1143-1.