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New Web Ilux Design

Ilux is the perfect quality, functionality and security combination. With a fully customizable inside and outside to satisfy the most demanding request of our customers.


Arcas Olle created the so-called Ocluc, a new language between the safe and its user. From this app. you can interact faster and more intuitive with your safe, control at any moment who and when the safe’s open, delays and blocking times can be controled, and even send a hidden signal if someone obliges you to open the safe.

CFC Series

Safe to embed and head camouflaged by a plugs base. Ideal for small household valuables. You can also fit other brands such as SIMON , BJC, …

CFC-2 Series

Safe to be fitted on the floor. Its circular stainless steel door design together with its crossbow lock, make a high quality safe. Ideal to preserve the values. Besides, it also has the option of buying the WATERPROOF SAFE door (optional), where the paper documents and banknotes are protected against the water flow.

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